Cardio & Tone Burn

all levels

This 10 MINUTE CARDIO BLAST will TONE, SCULPT & STRENGTHEN the entire body. You will complete 10 exercises for 45 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each.

Equipment: 3,5, or 8lb. dumbells

power step


Burn calories with this 30 MINUTE POWER  STEP workout that will keep you sweating! Some fun choreography to keep you moving & motivated!

Equipment: Step

super bowl circuit


Try this 10 minute SUPER BOWL body weight INTENSE circuit workout.  You will be  doing football inspired training exercises including LATERAL SHUFFLES, BURPEES,  SEAT ROLLS,HIGH KNEES & MORE. Sweat in 10 minutes!

Equipment: None

Total body cardio burn


This 20 minute circuit workout fuses FAT BLASTING CARDIO intervals with STRENGTH TRAINING EXERCISES.

Equipment: 5-10lb. dumbells

1o MINUTE fat blasting

cardio burn

all levels

Try this 10 minute CARDIO BLAST circuit and perform 2 rounds of 10 cardio exercise for 30 seconds to BURN CALORIES, MELT FAT & SWEAT.  No Equipment



Blast calories in this 30 minute STEP WORKOUT!

Equipment: Step