TOtal body towel workout

all levels

A TOTAL BODY WORKOUT  targeting upper body, lower body & core!  Use a TOWEL to challenge stability, balance, & core. Use WEIGHTS to build strength.

Equipment: mat, dumbells (medium-heavy), small towel

Resistance Band workout

all levels

A Quick Upper & Lower Body RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT! TONE, SCULPT & BURN CALORIES with this DO ANYWHERE WORKOUT that will have you sweating.

Equipment: medium tubing

upper body workout

all levels

Quick 10 MINUTE Upper Body Workout. SCULPT & TONE BICEPS, SHOULDERS, TRICEPS, & CHEST with this super easy to follow routine.

Equipment: 5 ,8 or 10lb dumbells

Butt blaster

all levels

Try this quick 10 minute BUTT BLASTER workout. TONE, STRENGTHEN, & SCULPT your BUTT with SQUATS, LUNGES, CURTSEY LUNGES, & more! Equimpent: 5, 8, or 10lb dumbells, ankle resistance band

Total Body cardio burn

all levels

A total body sculpting circuit with cardio intervals. Get Ready to sweat!

Equipment: 5 - 10 lb. dumbells

total body burn

all levels

FULL BODY workout of high intensity exercises using your own body weight. SQUAT JUMPS, PLANK WALKS, MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS & more!

Equimpent: None